Comptoir Sud Pacifique – Coco Figue

Have you ever stood beside a fig tree? If yes, then you must be familiar with the earthy-sweet aroma that it fills the air with. One of the most cherished memories of my childhood is that of a fig tree in my grandparent’s back garden. During my visits to their house I would go early in the morning to pluck the freshly ripe ones before the birds could get to them. They would then be washed and presented at the breakfast table to be enjoyed as my grandfather would tell us about the various health benefits of this heavenly fruit.


It is almost autumn in Switzerland and fresh figs have started to appear in the market. As I was passing by the farmers market, today, I came across a basket full of sweet ripe figs. Not being able to resist I bought a couple, and as I bit into the soft pink flesh, I was reminded of those precious moments of my life. It also made me want to write about a delicious perfume in my collection: Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s ‘Coco Figue’.


It starts on a warm and dry note of shredded coconut. Almost immediately the fig notes, both that of the sweet nectar and green leafy ones, appear closely followed by vanilla. The three notes appear in such rapid succession that it’s hard to separate them unless you are paying close attention. It continues to present creamy milky layers of coconut and fig sweetened by vanilla. As it settles down a pleasant subtle vanilla takes over with green fig notes appearing from time to time at the background ensuring the vanilla does not get overly sweet. 

The coconut note is very real to life and the scent is so delicious it will make you crave a coconut panna cotta with fig and vanilla sauce every time. A little goes a long way as longevity is very good. A joyful scent to remind us, with its fruity, warm and lightly milky aroma, of the pleasures of summer and help ward off the winter blues.

I came across Coco Figue in a pharmacy by the lake on a trip to Lausanne with my sister and I immediately fell in love. It reminds me of those precious moments, as we sat by the lake on that lovely warm summer day enjoying salted caramel Ladurées, making this a permanent part of my memory box.

Coco Figue is available in Eau de Toilette form online at Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s website, where it is described as an exotic, cordial and sensual scent with the following notes:

Top note: Fig’s heart, Vanilla flower, Coconut pulp.
Heart note: Hot milk mousse, Coconut powder.
Base note: Fig leaves, sweet Cracking, Coconut milk, Vanilla from Madagascar.

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