Guerlain – Gourmand Coquin

Photo credit: Sherbypeaches


The first perfume is by my favourite perfume house, Guerlain and is a part of their Les Élixirs Charnels collection. The perfume is called Gourmand Coquin and roughly translates to ‘greedy rascal’. Despite belonging to a somewhat controversial collection and a having a tacky name the perfume itself is a beautiful fragrance and one of my absolute favourites.

An opening of smokey tea and pepper that instantly gives way to layers of boozy chocolate. It is difficult to decide if the chocolate is more dark or milky. Rum, spice and smokey tea lend an almost smouldering feel to the luscious layers of chocolate. This continues for a good half an hour before a beautiful red rose appears. The rose is very soft and short lived. The perfume gradually transitions into a well rounded, sweet and comforting vanilla with hints of spice and chocolate that lasts for almost a whole day. A real chocolate lovers delight……a unique olfactory experience.

All the notes are well done and balance each other. Despite having such prominent gourmand notes the perfume never becomes overly sweet, cloying or artificial. It has low to medium sillage and is more of a skin scent, however, longevity is good. On my skin it lasts well over 12 hours.

I have tried and tested a lot of gourmands but have never come across any thing so elegant and delicious. The perfume comes with a very exclusive price tag and is only available in a handful of boutiques. I actually waited a whole year, hoping for the infatuation to end, before finally giving in and buying a full bottle. Overall I would describe this as a delectable and sensual (maybe even a bit seductive) fragrance that is special enough to become a signature scent.

The notes as per Guerlain’s website are:

Top notes: black pepper.
Heart notes: rose, smoky tea.
Base notes: rum, chocolate.

The scent was released in 2008 and was created by perfumer Christine Nagel for Guerlain.