I still remember standing by my mother’s vanity table and staring in awe at the gorgeous bottles of perfume containing liquid gold- Trésor, Opium and Poison. Warm, sensual, opulent…………forbidden and so all the more intriguing. Over the years as my fascination with perfumes grew I started to read about the different materials and oils. Collecting essential oils and experimenting with them became a hobby.

Perfumes were liquid potions transforming humans into unreal beings and all good things nature had to offer. It had the power to capture moments in life and transport us to other dimensions. The final touch to a woman’s aura, the announcement of her arrival, leaving a trail behind her to be remembered forever. The stuff was so intoxicating I couldn’t wait to grow up and own a perfume or two of my own. Was is even possible for a woman to not have her own bottle of magic?

As a teen my very first perfume was Georgio Armani’s Aqua di Gio. It remained my scent for a few years till I decided to explore further and since then there has been no going back. Perfume has become an essential part of my life. On this page I’ll be sharing with you my most treasured acquisitions and what makes them so special. Join me as I talk about one of the most delightful things life has to offer.

Masooma, 24 March 2016.